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FCA Australia Pty Ltd — Jeep JL Wrangler MY2018-2019

FCA Australia Pty Ltd — Jeep JL Wrangler MY2018-2019

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)
See attached VIN list

What are the defects?

The transmission harness may have insufficient clearance to the catalytic converter.

What are the hazards?

If the battery cable contacts the catalytic converter this could result in the following:

1. potentially causing a vehicle fire
2. disabling safety systems leading to an engine stall

This could result in a crash without warning, increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants and other road users.

What should consumers do?

FCA Australia will contact all affected owners to present their vehicle to an authorised Chrysler Dodge and Jeep Dealer to inspect the transmission wiring harness for any damage and replace if necessary. Vehicles will be repaired where required, at no charge.

For further information, consumers can contact https://www.jeep.com.au/contact-us.html or call FCA Australia on 1300 133 079.

To find your nearest authorised Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership, visit https://www.jeep.com.au/dealers.html

Traders who sold this product

FCA Dealer Network

Where the product was sold
Dates available for sale
  • 1 June 2017 – 11 December 2019

Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Article: https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/fca-australia-pty-ltd-jeep-jl-wrangler-my2018-2019