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Is it time for an Exhaust Repair

Is it time for an Exhaust Repair

Quality Exhaust Repair in Thornton

Does your car exhaust rattle, drag or have excessive noise? Is there an unusual exhaust smell? Do you have blue smoke blowing when you start your car or take off at lights?

Exhaust systems are there to reduce engine noise, reduce air pollution and to take poisonous gases away from the car and people inside. In effect, the exhaust system is like the ‘lungs’ of the car. If you are having problems with your exhaust system it will effect the fuel economy of your car.

For exhaust repair and servicing drop in to Titan Auto in Thornton.

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What Does A Car Exhaust System Do?

Your exhaust system has several functions. Keeping the noise level of your car down is one. All cars are fitted with a silencing devise that reduces the noise level to Australian standards. It is easy to tell if your exhaust is in need of repair – everyone will hear you coming before they see you!

What Does A Catalytic Converter Do?

Another major function is to keep your emission levels safe. Over the past 40 years Australia has tightened it’s vehicle emission standards to improve air quality.  Since the mid 80’s, all car manufacturers have had to fit catalytic converters to petrol and LPG vehicles to meet emission limits. A catalytic converter is a very important exhaust component. It converts harmful gases and pollutants into cleaner emissions before they get out the exhaust pipe.

Other key components of your exhaust system are the manifold, muffler and tail pipe.

It is important to have your exhaust system repaired as soon as a leak or problem is found as harmful gases can leak into the cabin of your car creating a dangerous situation.

Servicing and repairs can be done quickly and easily to all exhaust system parts by Titan Auto Thornton

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