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    Logbook Servicing

    What’s a log book service?

    A log book service is a proactive approach to car maintenance where regular inspections and small fixes can keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. It can also prevent small problems from turning into major damage and issues which could be costly to repair. Whether it’s checking the serpentine belts, replacing the brake pads, inspecting the shock absorbers or filling up the transmission fluid. The actual tasks carried out in each log book service are carefully designed to be carried out at specific intervals to keep your car running at optimal performance.

    Where can I find my log book?

    Every car and most commercial vehicles are issued with a ‘Log Book’ by the manufacturer which lays out the specified timing and agenda for your regular log book services. Ideally, you should keep your log book in your glove box for reference and to record any details.
    Fact: You do not need to have your new car serviced by your dealer to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

    Do not believe what your car manufacturer suggests with your new car servicing. As an Authorised Service Centre, we can service your car just as the manufacturer intended. We’ll stamp your logbook and maintain your new car warranty.

    The Competition and Consumer Act 2010

    This act prevents the practice of exclusive dealing by attaching conditions to the sale of goods that restrict the buyer’s freedom of choice to deal with whom or in what they choose.
    Essentially this means that a vehicle manufacturer cannot specify that you must have your car serviced by a particular dealer or group of dealers as part of the warranty conditions.
    Nor can a manufacturer void a warranty simply because a vehicle owner has chosen to have a vehicle serviced outside the dealer network.

    Logbook Servicing Titan Auto Thornton
    Getting a New Car or Logbook Service at Titan Auto:
    • Does not Void your manufacturer’s warranty.
    • We follow the same procedures that are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
    • We only use original or manufacturer parts from quality brands eg. Ryco Filters, Penrite Oil.
    • We stamp your log book as your car dealer would to record the regular maintenance or service.
    • Can save you hundreds if not thousands per year depending on your vehicle.
    Want to know more about the myths and facts of dealer warranties and new car logbook servicing?

    Head to our FAQ Page.

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